As part of an ongoing campaign, respected car manufacturer Nissan needed new signage to draw awareness to the brand refresh. The tender was awarded to our client and design quickly got under way. Parable were asked to come in and assist with rectifying problems; helping the project be delivered on time and to budget.

The signage was proving to be expensive to produce and the existing designs meant the main fascia required reinforcing in the form of large support structures. Transportation was difficult. Installation was taking longer than anticipated and the client was running out of time to get things installed both in the UK and overseas.

NISSAN Project Image
NISSAN Project Image

The Plan

Our brief was to create signage that would be high quality, lighter, cost effective and quicker to transport and install. With a looming deadline for a brand rollout across the UK and Europe, we needed to get our thinking caps on.

We knew we needed to address the issues surrounding the weight of the structure and how many pieces were required to build it. Finding a way to do this without compromising quality was of absolute importance.

What We Did

Firstly, we knew we needed to change the core material to make it more lightweight. With this in mind, we selected the new material to ensure not only durability, but safety too. We knew that by making the central structure lighter, we’d subsequently be able to redesign the support structure to be easier to transport.

Using clever engineering, we were able to reduce the number of pieces from around 100 to roughly 20. During this redesign, we identified the convenient break points in the structure that would mean fewer transportation vehicles would be needed. We created something that was easy to assemble and disassemble in a fraction of the original time, whilst remaining on brand.

The Results

As a result of our work, we were able to create a real sense of quality and consistency. The new materials were much more aligned with the budget and produced high quality, durable results for the client.

We had thought long and hard about how we could reduce the stress of transportation.

Our newly designed structures and supports reduced the number of transportation vehicles required by 50% and reduced the installation time by two days. Because of this, the UK and European showrooms were able to open faster.

NISSAN Project Image
NISSAN Project Image

We were pleased to be able to assist on a project with such a well respected brand. It was a great challenge and we were happy to rise to the occasion, helping the client deliver an end product that came from outside the box.

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