A leader in innovation, quality and everything "Spicy but Nicey", Dalesman is an award-winning creator and retailer of premium food products. Catering for large volume big brands, through to your premium quality butchers and even consumers, their brands are built upon iconic quality and family values.

Following a catastophic event, Dalesman had to rebuild from nothing, Parable was chosen to help

To bring the reputation of the Dalesman brand back to life, through leading edge design and manufacturing knowhow.

Dalesman Project Image
Dalesman Project Image

The Result

Taking form as a number of key infrasctructre elements, including machinery, consultancy, software, hygenic workstations and 24/7 dedication to providing the best of us, Parable delivered. We developed some of the most revolutionary ideas in blending machinery and traceability in the world, resulting in the most technilogically advanced producer in the UK.

Dalesman Project Image
Dalesman Project Image

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