Apprenticeships in Engineering

Engineering is one of the most diverse, exciting careers available. 19% of the total UK workforce is made up of engineers. Mechanical, environmental, computer, design, there’s a real variety available when it comes to finding the best pathway for you. With a direct route into the world of work without the debt, it’s no wonder apprenticeships are being brought into the spotlight. Could an engineering apprenticeship be the perfect next step for you?

Apprenticeships in Engineering

With an estimated 79,000 engineering roles becoming available every year, the industry certainly isn’t showing signs of slowing down

Why choose engineering?

Whether you’re more creative or more scientific, you’ll get to apply your skills to a range of roles. There are now lots of opportunities to specialise in a more specific field, which will not only play to your strengths but also boasts great earning potential down the line.

Possibly most important of all, engineering gives you the chance to make a real impact on the world around you, no matter what you choose to focus on. Engineering has the power to be completely transformative - that’s what we love about it. Your ability to think outside the box will help you to make a real difference when it comes to solving the unique problems and challenges faced by your future clients.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

There are a range of pathways you can take when you enter the world of engineering. Apprenticeships have been gaining popularity over the last few years and it’s not difficult to see why. The most obvious benefit to an apprenticeship is your ability to ‘earn while you learn.’ Not only does this offer more financial independence, it also means you can get into employment sooner and start to build your practical experience. There’s also the bonus of avoiding a high level of debt, leaving you able to enjoy your career rather than worry about paying for it.

If you've ever felt that the more traditional academic studies don’t suit you, apprenticeships are a brilliant way to engage with further study. You can also gain further qualifications through apprenticeships including foundation degrees and even honours degrees.

What skills are gained in an engineering apprenticeship?

Engineering apprenticeships are a proactive way for individuals to grow their skills in a practical way, with businesses often getting the added benefit of a ready-made candidate by the end.

One of the main benefits of choosing engineering as a career is the number of transferable skills you will obtain. When you start working in an engineering role, as well as the technical skills such as computer design, modelling and the additional mathematics and physics training, you’ll become an effective communicator who’s comfortable juggling several projects at once. Ultimately, all of these things will be desirable to any employer, giving you fantastic employment prospects.

Typically, engineering apprentices will take on a practical, operator role though this will undoubtedly vary depending on the field of engineering you go into.

Whether from an apprenticeship or higher education route, at Parable, we’re excited to see the next generation of engineers coming through. With an estimated 79,000 engineering roles becoming available every year, the industry certainly isn’t showing signs of slowing down. No matter where your interests lie, there’s a place for you within this industry.

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